To age of six weeks

To age of six weeks The kid prefers one mammary gland another.

To age of six weeks the kid starts to give preference to one mammary gland before another.

The child can even refuse a sosaniye of unloved gland in general.

Researchers connect this phenomenon with a tonic cervical reflex.

Its essence consists that at a ducking aside there is a straightening of hands and feet of the child from an inclination.

You still feed the child of times per day.

The forthcoming month of feedings does not become less.

H atAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDIntestines work The child being on chest feedin empties intestines less often.

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Nevertheless Wagner a priori appropriated the maximum factor, , to the most difficult, in his opinion, a subject mathematics.

To other subjects respectively appropriated such factorsLatin , Greek , Gymnastics ,History and geography , Living languages , Natural sciences , Drawing and religion Let's notice that the method of establishment of factors is quite subjective.

Nevertheless it is possible to draw conclusions.

It would be interesting to learn, whether the factor of difficulty of a subject depends on age of the child.

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In the textbook

In the textbook The great attention is given to identification of the leading role of education and training in mental development of the child and to the analysis of that basic value which different types of activity have in this development.

In the textbook the concept that in equal temporary intervals the mentality of the child passes various distances in development is given, undergoes various highquality transformations.

The material statement in process of transition from consideration of the period of a novorozhdennost to more advanced ages is given is more and more dismembered according to progressing differentiation of mentality of the child.

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There is quite

There is quite Such representations also are the most important acquisition which will help the child to pass with school to assimilation of scientific knowledge.

There is quite enough, if as a result of preschool training the child gets acquainted with those areas and the parties of the phenomena which serve as a subject of studying of different sciences, will start them to allocate, distinguish live from lifeless, plants from animals, natural from the person created by hands, harmful from the useful.

Systematic acquaintance with each area, assimilation of systems of scientific concepts future business.

The special place in psychological readiness for school occupies mastering by some special knowledge and the skills which are traditionally relating to actually school the diploma, the account, the solution of arithmetic tasks.

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Here adjoinstradition

Here adjoinstraditionIs in a children's arsenal and physical means of change I surround ~shchy world.

These are various forms of children's construction snowfortresses, sandy garages and locks, dams, channels, shelters and ~ and even whole worlds where sometimes children play for years.

Here adjoinstradition of making of secrets and hiding places, graffiti drawings and ~sow on asphalt and walls, an asphalt rascherchivaniye for Hopscotch allthese are ways of creation of own children's spaces in bigworld of adults.

If to list all children's strategy of expansion and enrichment to ~stupny to them life spaces, of course, there should enter already ~given by us earlier undercover from adults group nurseries A meropriya ~tiya like visit of terrible places no less than other types of places, opium ~sled in , dustbins and dumps, research trips on the publictransport, secret campaigns and resolved by parents bicycle about ~it is boomin etc.

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